Donate with Pride for WaterWoman Project

As Americans in the East and Midwest were blanketed by toxic smog from Canadian wildfires last week, the need for water became crystal clear. But with a silver tsunami heading for retirement, we have a workforce emergency that will put our most essential resource in jeopardy. WaterRising is responding by making sure that all genders have equal access to local, well-paid water jobs that protect our communities.

In a U.S. Water Alliance field survey released June 7th, 51% of respondents were women, even though they make up less than 15% of the workforce. Nearly 6% of respondents also identified as gender-fluid or preferred not to say.

WaterRising Institute will prove that women, nonbinary and trans individuals face barriers to essential water jobs–especially people of color living on the frontlines of climate change, where asthma ER visits doubled last week. Our WaterWoman Project Study will fill the data gap to start closing the gender gap in the water workforce.

Your small or recurring donation this Pride month will help support and sustain WaterRising’s WaterWoman Project. While we can’t turn off hurricanes or wildfires this season, let’s make sure that all genders can turn on climate action through equitable, inclusive and sustainable careers in water and public health protection.

To join us, please reach out to me and follow WaterRising Institute on LinkedIn.

Yours in Water Resiliency,

Alicia Douglas

WaterWoman Project is the first women-led, diplomacy-driven initiative working to increase gender inclusivity to solve the water workforce crisis and accelerate progress toward United Nations SDGs 5, 6 and 14 by 2030. WaterRising Institute is a Detroit-based 501(C)3 nonprofit organization born out of the Flint water crisis. To learn more, visit

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