Who We Are

It is widely accepted that Earth’s water cycle is changing rapidly due to climate change. We must be able to respond urgently to the growing risks by placing water and gender  at the center of governmental and private sector policy and investment priorities.

WaterRising believes that the water sector must advance innovation for water protection, and that workforce culture and development opportunities must be gender-inclusive to achieve water resilience. Policies, programs and practices in water management must change to attract, retain and advance women and non-binary people in leadership roles and at all levels of employment.

We are committed to clarifying the gaps and barriers to water sector jobs, from government, private utilities and infrastructure projects that supply and protect our resources, to the sectors that demand water for goods and services. Through this process, we believe we will also find that technology will help drive access to long-elusive, gender-inclusive water management careers in the communities our sector serves. Optimizing workforce development with solutions like gender inclusivity will not only help regenerate water sector jobs, but will also help accelerate progress towards UN SDGs 5 (Gender Equality), 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) and 14 (Life Below Water) by 2030.


Seeing the water crisis through the lens of gender, WaterRising Institute envisions an equitable, water positive future, one where all voices are heard, all barriers to gender are removed, and more water is replenished than used in every aspect of water management.


WaterRising’s mission is to make water management inclusive for all genders by helping utilities, industries and government prioritize a gender-inclusive, water positive approach to solving our water crisis made urgent by the climate emergency.


Our work is shaped by seven values: Courage, Accountability, Inclusiveness, Collaboration, Innovation, Integrity and Respect.