The Table

Bringing women to the table to protect the water table.

To introduce the study and invite participation, WaterWoman Project will launch the WaterWoman Table, a series of live-streamed thought leadership conversations to explore how the water sector is currently addressing the current  gender gap. 

Debuting at World Water Week 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden, the first WaterWoman table event will explore the need for gender parity in the workforce, including the issues women and non-binary people face, as well as the policies, practices and programs that can help scale solutions to bridge the gender gap. 

The second WaterWoman Table will focus on how innovation and technology can create appeal and new entry points for all genders, while providing solutions to the current crisis in water management toward a more gender-inclusive, water resilient future.

WaterWoman Table Discussions in 2023

Marking International Women’s Day on March 8, 2023 and in preparation for the UN 2023 Water Conference in NYC March 22-24, 2023, WaterWoman Project will host a WaterWoman Table day-long series in collaboration with its Founding Partners. Participants and topics will include:

  • Water utilities, private operators and technology companies talk about what water resilience looks like in 2030 and 2050, and how a gender-inclusive approach to management will help get us there.
  • Global consumer brands talk about water and gender inclusivity risks and opportunities, and how a Water Positive strategy can address corporate goals.
  • Regulators, policymakers and water utility associations talk about their approach to prioritizing water and gender in the protection of public health and our most valuable resource.