The Team

Alicia Douglas

Founder & CEO

Alicia Douglas is a WaterWoman. She is the founder of three startups, and has over 30 years of experience in philanthropy, sustainability, public policy, and community engagement.

Ms. Douglas founded WaterRising Institute, a Michigan-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to address gender parity in the water industry. In 2022, the organization achieved Guidestar’s Gold Transparency Certification and became a member of 1% for Planet.

More recently, she launched WaterWoman Project, a WaterRising program focused on increasing gender diversity in water management by catalyzing industry leadership and engagement.

Her ability to collaborate with global stakeholders also led to the development of an innovative, GIS technology approach to addressing the global water security crisis. In addition to WaterRising, Alicia is involved with international policy initiatives including Women4Climate and UN Global Compact Leaders.

As a mother of four young women, her most important focus is ensuring that her family and future generations have access to healthy and safe water.

Consulting Advisors

Guy Williams

Founding Advisor

Sivan Schlecter

Consulting Advisor - Strategy, Marketing and Operations

Andrew Marconi

Consulting Advisor - Creative, Digital & Tech

Pam Elardo

Consulting Senior Advisor

Manish Karamshi

Consulting Advisor

Board of Directors


Lloyd Treinish

Distinguished Engineer and Chief Scientist - Environmental Modeling, Weather and Climate


Alicia Douglas

WaterRising Institute
Founder & CEO


Joe Kramer

Chief Executive Officer


Travis Wagner

Water Sector Leader


Jennifer Steffens

Water Sector Leader


Sharon Peters

President & CEO
EMA, Inc.


David Totman

VP of Asset Management