The Study

Filling the Data Gap to Close the Gender Gap

WaterWoman Project is the first program to partner with industry, government and policy leaders in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe to study and break the barriers to employment for women and non-binary people in the water sector.

Building on the groundbreaking work of World Bank Water and UNESCO World Water Assessment Programme in the developing world, WaterWoman Project is leading a multi-sector coalition to launch a 3-year research initiative in 2023. The study will survey public and private water utilities, water engineering and tech companies, and  water-adjacent brands that rely on a sustainable water resource for their products and services. The evaluation will focus on gender representation and employment experience, plus the policies, practices and programs that promote attraction, recruitment, retention and advancement of women and non-binary people. 

We believe that by solving for gender parity, we can solve for water resilience.

From this research, we will recommend gender diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) best practices for the water sector, from education and training, to recruitment and sponsorship, to optimized workplace policies and programs. Through public private partnerships (PPPs),  we will then pilot, replicate and scale these gender DEI best practices to achieve a more gender-inclusive and resilient water management–while accelerating progress toward SDGs 5, 6 and 14 by 2030.