World Water Week 2022, here we come!

We’re excited to finally share WaterWoman Project, WaterRising’s call to action to study and close the gender gap in water management! Building on the pioneering work by World Bank Water and UNESCO WWAP, with Founding Partners SUEZ and Xylem, we’re collaborating with water utilities, technology and engineering in the U.S., U.K. and Europe to distill data and clarify barriers to water sector jobs for women and non-binary people. Then we’ll start course-correcting with best practices and new entry points to accelerate the transition to a more gender-inclusive, water resilient future.

WaterWoman Project is the first women-led, diplomacy-driven initiative working to increase gender inclusivity to solve the water workforce crisis and accelerate progress toward United Nations SDGs 5, 6 and 14 by 2030. WaterRising Institute is a Detroit-based 501(C)3 nonprofit organization born out of the Flint water crisis. To learn more, visit

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