Gender & Youth Hub

at the United Nations 2023 Water Conference in New York City

Tech Specs

First, see the WaterWoman Project Launch for high-level details regarding the program. Here are the technical specs.

A live-audience event on Sunday, March 19, 2023 in a theatrical setting with a potential audience of 200. The event will consist of both keynote and panel discussions (we call these WaterWoman Tables), and will have specific technical requirements specified below.

Running in parallel will be a lounge space operated as a networking/interaction space.

Table of Contents

Mainstage Program (Sunday, March 19)

Physical Facility

  • Either a theatrically-configured space or a raw space that can be configured in a theatrical setup that can comfortably seat approximately 200 people.
  • Ideally in proximity of Midtown East, Manhattan (within easy commute to UN building), but considering most locations within midtown or lower Manhattan.
  • Entry must be relatively painless to manage (e.g., conference spaces within a private organization’s own offices may introduce security, logistical, and technical difficulties). Again, these can be mitigated, but we need to be sensitive to this.


  • Wireless internet should be available at no-cost to event staff, talent and attendees.
  • Hard-wired ethernet without network restrictions (proxy, firewall, etc.) with a minimum upstream bandwidth of 25mbit.
  • See below for live-streaming specifications.


  • Staging should support two positions. (1) Podium/single speaker as well as (2) seated, 3-to-1 configuration (three speakers and one moderator) with comfortable, attractive seating.
  • Seating should be non-pivoting, or configured to prevent the seating from rotating.
  • Basic set dressings. In addition to chairs, seated area should have a coffee table, a side table and a rug for visually delimiting the space as well as moderate sound dampening.
  • Podium position must have no branding other than the WaterRising Institute or WaterWoman logo on its face.
  • Greenery or floral may be included to “warm up” the environment.


  • Audio. Basic wireless audio capabilities for live-space amplification as well as for capture for record and streaming. Minimum of seven wireless lavs or headset appropriate to on-camera talent. Wired microphone at podium. Wired audience-capture mic(s) to capture audio of audience reaction for streaming (no individual speaking in audience, only environmental).
  • Video Playback & Presentation. Large screen with projection centrally located at back of stage. Minimally a 10K lumen powered projector with a minimum of 1080p resolution (16:9). Additional flat-screens may also be added to sides for visibility of content. During keynotes, these may be used to display presentation. During panels (WaterWoman Tables), these will display WaterWoman and other logos as well as providing visual warmth to the set. Lighting. Lighting appropriate for HD video capture and an attractive on-stage appearance. Uplights/environmentals may also be utilized. For podium position as well as seated panel, three-point lighting techniques should be utilized to provide soft, even, attractive lighting on all talent. Streaming. Three-PTZ camera setup to capture dynamic visuals for streaming and recording.
  • Staffing. Production Staff – minimally, we should have:
    • A1. Audio Tech managing live and streaming sound at the board.
    • A2. Audio Tech responsible for microphone management of talent and troubleshooting front-of-house.
    • V1. Vision Mixer/Playback Engineer.
    • V2. Streaming Engineer.
    • V3. PTZ Camera Operator(s) to manage all three PTZ cameras.
    • WaterRising Institute will provide both a stage manager for front-of-house to handle talent wrangling as well as director/show caller.

    WaterWoman Tables (March 22-23)

    Physical Facility.

      A much smaller space is required if we produce WaterWoman Tables individually. A visually interesting space with a minimum of 15×15′ footprint is required.


      Staging & Set.

        • 4 Chairs or 1 Chair and 1 3-seat bench/sofa.
        • 3-to-1 configuration (three speakers and one moderator) with comfortable, attractive seating.
        • Seating should be non-pivoting, or configured to prevent the seating from rotating.

        WaterWoman Side Tables (Throughout Week)


        Evening Reception (Sunday, March 19)


        Capture and Streaming Requirements

        In addition to capturing content locally on SSD, we will live stream to YouTube and potentially also stream to LinkedIn.

          • Resolution: 1920×1080, progressive.
          • Video Bitrate Range: 5,000-6,000 Kbps
          • Protocol: RTMP Streaming
          • Video Codec: H.264
          • Frame Rate: 29.97
          • Keyframe Frequency: Recommended 2 seconds
          • Audio Codec: AAC or MP3
          • Bitrate Encoding: Constant Bit Rate (CBR) for capture
          • Pixel aspect ratio: Square
          • Frame Types: Progressive Scan, 2 B-Frames, 1 Reference Frame
          • Entropy Coding: CABAC
          • Audio Sample Rate: 48 KHz
          • Audio Bitrate: 128 Kbps stereo